Roxana Mirtea

Browsing through Instagram in our search for some inspiration we come across the “ig” of Roxana Mirtea, an explosion of textures, a fascinating direction of art and beauty that transformed our autumn morning. We contacted her and as a result here we have a piece about her life and images of her work.


“I never knew what I wanted to work on as an adult, probably because in the country where I grew up the choice of career for a youngster is rooted in prejudices and stereotypes. Pressed by the need to take a decision, without having been able to experiment and discover what I really wanted to do, I started to study psychology, and ended up studying a degree in Public Relations and Marketing.”


“During the faculty years I had a wide range of jobs: I was an art director in a marketing agency, I worked in my favourite pub in Bucarest, became a PR and event organizer in a club and later a rep that organized minimal techno parties (haha!).”

“In the second year of my degree, my partner told me he had to move to Madrid and asked me to join him; so I headed for Madrid around the mid-last year of the degree, without any knowledge of Spanish at all, but planning to write a thesis in politics; I was particularly attracted to this field about which I did not know much, so I ended up interviewing 60 students and teachers in a language that was not familiar to me” says Roxana.


At the same time I was doing serigraphy with my partner and afterwards, while my interest in politics faded away, I started to head in the direction of the arts with regard to my partner’s editorials (he is a photographer). Little by little serigraphy began to disappear into the background and I started to devote most of my time to fashion photography.”

“After publishing some personal projects, several photographers and directors started to contact me, so now I am working on various projects at the same time.”


This is how Roxana discovered her passion and what she likes the most. This is how she shapes her life.

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