What a light. Carla

Carla Cuenca Cortes is the character of the month. Journalist, light capturer and mother of Mârgarette’s name. She takes photos of how life feels on The Costa Brava, giving her personal touch.


Born in Barcelona, she looks for a balance between the wilderness and the subtlety of elegance. Her essence? Hunt the colour white and the textural elements of nature.

And this is how she started to construct her inner universe, as for the external stimulus she chose the sea, for its capacity to stop time. She reaffirms that “sometimes we obsess over wanting more of everything and forget that the essentials are enough”.

CARLA _MG_7835_2

Her getaways to Cadaqués ever since she was a girl resulted in “her” eternal summer; in it she builds her particular universe and she draws it on instagram. Photos that capture the essence and naturalness of the spaces draw in the transparency, with a final result that always comes out white.


Through her photos she can feel the nostalgia and the hope, something which brings the Mediterranean light, thus, along with her Mârgarette swimsuits; she builds her stories about the sea.


Her day begins by awakening to the sound of the waves, giving way to spontaneity and calmness, and is followed by a getaway with her inseparable camera in the carrycot.


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