Irene and Asia. Part 1

Born valencian, aragonese by conviction and Sabiness in the heart.

Woman and journalist. Waging war since 1988, living in Brussels since 2012. For the last couple of years I’ve been carrying out the production of Mediapro in the capital of Europe.

I’ve always loved the spring but due to the fault of Úbeda I’ve always grown up with the fear of someone stealing April. To make sure it wasn’t going to happen, the last day of the year I married the man of my life to round off ten years of engagement.

Neither my partner nor I knew Asia, so we decided to spend our honeymoon discovering it. Out of all the countries we decided that our first experience on the continent would be in Vietnam and Cambodia.


We were overwhelmed by the chaos of the traffic flow in Hanoi, we let ourselves be seized by the nature of Sa Pa and its rice paddies along with the women belonging to ethnic minorities, we sailed the water of Halong’s Bay, where we were taught how to fish squids. To finish with the north of the country we went into the province of Ninh Binh and the delta of the Red river.


We travelled for two days along Halong’s Bay on a traditional reed. Despite the sky in Vietnam being grey and bearing no resemblance to the Mediterranean blue that states the time for swimming, we enjoyed several dips in the emerald waters of the bay.


To be continued…

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