Irene and Asia. Part 2

We hopelessly fell in love with Hoian and her fairy-tale city full of colourful little lanterns and delicious food, we teleported to the age of glory of the imperial city of Hue to delight in its temples and enjoy the Vietnamese coast in Da Nang.

We are in love with the architecture and that’s why the citadel of Hué seemed especially impressive to us, the ancient imperial city bond to the Nguyen’s dynasty. We walk through the lecture hall, the theatre and some of the religious resorts of this jewel.


We made the most of our journey between Hoian and Hue to get to know Da Nang. Our guide assured us that the beach in this city was among the top 10 beaches of the world. It looked like a charming beach where one can breathe tranquillity.


To conclude with our trip we spent the last three days discovering the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Every time we visit architectonic jewels that are so many centuries-old it seems we are tremendously lucky to enjoy these marvels.


We delight in the night life of Siem riep and its fantastic jemer restaurants, where we made our way through the artisanal market to do our final shopping and finish the trip with a margarita in our hands in the famous Pub Street.



Verdict? Wonderful landscapes, impressive architecture, delicious food and charming people. Highly recommendable, there’s no doubt.

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