Dory Álvarez Abad

If it does not inspire you, it is not fashion; these are the first words that blow my mind when asking her ¿What does fashion mean to you?

Dory Álvarez Abad is Visual Merchandiser at COS, a brand of reference regarding both image and capacity of inspiration. At this point, we are going to break through the barrier that separates us from her rich inner world to walk into her past, her odd habits and the polemics of a girl that does not remember a life without fashion parades surrounding her every day.


In order to do so, there’s nothing better than her own words: “I’ve always stood out for dressing differently, as a child I dyed a complete white look of pink using a pack of petit-suise, and I was told off by my mother for walking around the street in burgundy wool socks with a pale blue linen shorts and summer ballet flats”.

“As a teenager, I was rewarded with a diploma (by popular vote) of “Miss worst dressed” at the graduation party of my secondary school. Great. Meanwhile I was collecting magazines and dreaming with Grace Coddington“.


Dory took part in an edition of Young designers of Aragon (‘Jóvenes diseñadores de Aragón’) and ended up among the last 8 finalists rewarded with the possibility of a small collection on the market, but soon she discovered that what really impassioned her was reorder and not creation. Take this and that, put the hem inside out and change the glitter’s registry.

She first tried in Italy and then left for Madrid with only hand luggage and the unconditional support of her brother. Her first non-paid job was with clothing in a theatre play that in the end never came out. She also collaborated with two magazines to end her career as Visual at COS and became addicted to the brand and above everything to the possibility of freeing her creativity when blending and separating.


She has some odd habits and hobbies that make you smile and want to see through her chaotically ordered eyes such as: sudokus, origami, mixing velvet with chiffon and metallized leather with washed wool, ribbons, drainpipe torn pants. And lamé.

And boys with skirts. And the irony as humour. Lipstick. Not to comb your hair.

Big dogs, tiny dogs, cute and ugly. The loneliness and the heat. Searching for a reason. Daydream with songs on loops. The “more is more & less is bore” of Iris Apfel. And make it work.


If it does not express a thing, it is only clothing. This is how her speech ends and our session starts in Montjuic, having Barcelona at our feet and the world turning around us.


This is Dory, and this is how her world finally conquers you and changes the approach of what you thought fashion was.

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