Cristina Valbuena

Cristina Valbuena is the editor of Girly Girl Magazine. Her styles are poetry; her forever gorgeous shoes unveil an exquisite taste that sidesteps fashion and choses a path full of French references. Cris tells us about her relationship with fashion, filled with icons, her sources of inspiration and life anecdotes, a relationship of a girl that loves looking beautiful both inside and outside.

“This Christmas I bumped into my babysitter from when I was 3 years old. The first thing she said to me was that to this day she still remembered the every-morning fuss I kicked up about my clothing. It seems like regardless of my mum’s previous effort in preparing the clothes I was going to wear that day, I always had something to say about them and I wouldn’t cease in my determination until I got what I wanted. The truth is that I have the memory of being fascinated by the combination of colours, patent leather shoes, suede skirts and fashion reviews ever since I was a kid”.

“When I turned 15 I had a small weekend job I took only to be able to afford a dress I saw in a shop window. And after that, an ever-increasing number of dresses came” she says.

“I like being up to date with trends, but I hate any obsession for big brands and designers. I believe style goes further than that.

With age I learnt a new natural way of taking only what suited me and above all, trying to be true to a style, without stopping myself from changing according to the day, my mood or the city I find myself in”.


“If I had to choose an époque and a city, it would be the 60’s in Paris, with the likes of Ana Karina, Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy, if I were to pin down references.


However, for me, the most enjoyable part is having a myriad of influences. As far as style is concerned Nico (Velvet Underground), Jane Fonda, Eddie Sedgwick, Debbie Harrie, Laurent Bacall or Mia Farrow (among others) also have a place in my imaginary”.

Cristina does not believe that the best option to get information is by means of reviews or blogs, she finds inspiration in Madrid, the city that has been keeping her love alive for several years, and the girls she bumps into on a daily basis.

She continues by explaining to us that what she likes the most, even more than fashion, is travelling. “I tend to melt into the style of the cities I travel to, without ending up dressing up. This way, if I am in Paris or Barcelona I wear a sober style whilst when I go to Berlin or London I show a more quirky one. I don’t do it on purpose, it comes out from inside me on its own and there are times where I don’t even realize it for days. It is a matter of living in the moment and living it through fashion”.


Cristina Valbuena, a girl with a lot of savoir-faire that sets trends by virtue of the content of Girly Girl Magazine, her online magazine and her personal Instagram.

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